Ministry is…

Ministry is…

Ministry is….


Ministry is life, life is ministry.


Ministry is being flexible to show up to your hosts soccer game, then finding out it is cancelled due to air pollution.


Ministry is sitting one on one with a vulnerable girl who was just rescued from the sex trade in Thailand and telling her how much the God of the universe loves her.


Ministry is befriending an Israeli man and walking by his pizza shop everyday greeting him with the biggest smile. (also eating his pizza because it is bomb and a sweet touch of home).


Ministry is watching my teammates serve in a coffee shop.


Ministry is babysitting kids that you do not share same language with.


Ministry is showing people how to download the Bible app on their smartphone.


Ministry is listening with your heart, not just your ears.


Ministry is praying for women in the pursuit for God’s love.


Ministry is making your tuk tuk driver laugh.


Ministry is taking three hours to get somewhere when the language barrier is a struggle.


Ministry is eating squid with your host family at a night food market.


Ministry is meeting a complete stranger also from Tennessee living in Thailand.


Ministry is grocery shopping at local stands on the street corners.


Ministry is sorting 1,000 bead into small containers.


Ministry is laughing with your sisters until your belly hurts.


Ministry is giving and receiving feedback.


Ministry is making friends at the 7/11 down the street.


Ministry is teaching origami and telling 40 kids how deep the Father’s love for them is.


Ministry is teaching English.


Ministry is teaching love.


Ministry is preparing to hug your parents in 3 days!


Ministry is laughter, pain, tears, a smile, a hug, and a high five.


Ministry is nodding your head and saying okay when someone is speaking to you in Thai, and you do not understand.


Ministry is all of the above and so much more.


Ministry is Life. Life is ministry.


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