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Building Growth Developments

Building Growth Developments

From Scott Esposito:


Some of you might be following us on Facebook or through our newsletters and have seen the exciting developments on the land with our new dormitory and conference center.


We opened our first dormitory this March and began using it to host American short term teams.  Beginning in May, we began to host conferences and meetings with and for the local church. We started with a small, extremely successful pastor meeting and then quickly grew into hosting a conference every single weekend.  We have worked with the local church to coordinate youth and women’s conferences, as well and marriage and pastor retreats and church leadership training. The “conference center” has quickly grown far beyond our capacity as pastors want to increasingly include bigger groups.  Our dormitory has a capacity for 60 people. We are now getting requests for 80, 100 and as many as 200 people. We anticipate that this growth will not slow down. As our local pastors brim with excitement, they have been eagerly inviting pastors from outside of Granada to our events.  We even have an event scheduled for December 16 and 17 where 50 pastors from several cities outside of Granada will attend. When these pastors experience our facilities, combined with our extremely affordable pricing (we only charge for food in order to make it affordable and to serve the local church) they line up to use it.  We are expecting explosive growth after this December meeting as more pastors from around the country will want to return with their respective churches.


We have already outgrown our capacity.  And the growth with continues exponentially.  We need to add another dormitory to handle this growth.  We estimate the total cost of a dormitory that can house 100 people to cost around $100,000.  We have a modular design that allows us to build this dorm step by step. We are trying to raise the initial $20,000 that will initiate construction on the dorm and provide the bathrooms and first dorm rooms.  With this additional capacity, we will be able to better meet the quickly increasing demand from the local church.


An example of our how our lack of space has become an issue is an event we are hosting November 24-December 1.  We will be hosting 50 boxers from the national boxing teams from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. They will come to our land to train for a week and then put on an exhibition.  We will be using this activity as a draw for the youth for evangelistic outreach. At the same time, we will be hosting 35 missionaries from Guatemala who are coming to help us with this event.  We do not have the capacity for all of these folks. In addition to the evangelistic outreach, these missionaries will have extensive time with the boxers themselves and will, therefore, be evangelizing to them as well.

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