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11 reasons India is awesome and 4 reasons India is hard

11 reasons India is awesome and 4 reasons India is hard

  1. My new family! At my host home we have our host dad, host mom, their one bio son, and 7 more brothers. It is crazy but so much fun. The brothers are truly family and I honestly can’t imagine living in a different country than them. 
  2. The Curry!! I love spicy food and India has it. I am loving the food and never knew there were so many different types of curry. 
  3. Witnessing the power of prayer. Every night we pray over people and I have seen some amazing this happen when everyone involved believes in the power in prayer. I have seen a dead man hear, a two week long graver break, and many hearts be rejuvenated!
  4. Chai!!! We love chai. We drink much more caffeine than the typical person in India. They have learned and give us the big cups. 
  5. Snack stops on the way to and from ministry. The closest stand to get anything is driving distance away so when we go to ministry we go to “the big city” and get popcorn and or samosas for us our brothers and dad. 
  6. Seeing the moon every night. We do ministry at night under the stars and the moon. Little things like that make me smile every night. 
  7. Eating with my hands! Let’s be honest, it’s just fun. 
  8. Rocking Saris at church. Feeling like a real part of the culture and lookin good while doing it! 
  9. Leaning into team EVE. This is the first month that my new team has been alone. This has been so fun learning more about my team mates and leaning into that community and unity. 
  10. Henna! Getting decked out in this beautiful artwork was an wonderful experience full of miscommunication and waving my hands around like a crazy person for 30 minutes while it dries! 
  11. Living out in the Village. This is the first month I have really been in the middle of nowhere. I love the views from the rooftop, sunrises and sunsets, Small village community, and even the one squatty potty! 


**Also: goat and cow herds, using a well, tent living, going into the city, learning koncem koncem (little little) Telegu, neighbor kids who always wave and say hi, T-swift jam sessions with our host dad… and more I’m sure I’m blanking on. 



Even with all that there are things that make this country and this life I am living very hard still….


  1. Praying! For everyone many times. We have “small prayer” all day, everywhere we go, everything we do. Then we get to ministry and we pray. Then we preach and we pray. Then we individually pray for every person there. Then we walk to homes and pray over families and houses. Then we pray for their buffalos. Then we pray for the same lady we have prayed for 3 times but this time she has oil….. it’s just hard spiritually to pour out that much. I have learned to just constantly stop and refocus on God and his strength and power!  
  2. Shelfies….. we are constantly asked at ministry, our free time, when we are waiting on a bus, in a tuk tuk, everywhere to take shelfies (selfies) with every person we contact. It’s very humbling but sometimes very hard to be treated like a celebrity just because my skin is white. 
  3. Transportation. Crazy tuk tuk’s and Uber’s that cancel 5 times after waiting 20 min each. 
  4. Language. The language barrier here is greater than it has been yet on my race. This leads to lots of miscommunication and confusion. I have learned to just roll with it and that even when I don’t know what someone wants me to do or what they are asking prayers for, God knows! And that is enough.




You have a piece of my heart now. It will always love here and no matter what I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I have loved being out of my comfort and just leaning into a life that looks completely different than anything I have ever known. I love you and I hope to visit again. I will carry a deep respect for this land, it’s people, and the culture!!! 




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