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Sam’s Story

Sam’s Story

Hello friends and family, today it is my pleasure to share with you a beautiful testimony of my friend Sam.

Hello my name is Sam and I’m from India.
I would like to share my testimony of what God has done in my life.

When I was six years old I realized I had a brain tumor.
That night father took me to the hospital because of extreme pain and the doctor said there is nothing wrong with your son. From the hospital we were going back home and on the way I got pain again. Then my parents took me to another hospital. The doctor said we don’t know what’s happening to your son, take him to another hospital. Like this they took me to 4 different hospitals. None of them knew what was happening to me. We went to the 5th hospital, doctor said your son has a brain tumor, he is going to die. He only has a few minutes, please take him to your home because we don’t have any medicine for this disease. We can’t do anything, all those who get this tumor die. My father started crying and asking Doctor who much money do you want? I will give you anything, but heal my son. Doctor said sorry I can’t do anything. Once he said this my mother started seeking all the gods for help. She said “Venayaka if you heal my son I will build a temple for you. Sari Baba if you heal my son I will come to the temple. Nagamama Thali if you heal my son I will put milk in your temples every day.” My mother was seeking the gods of India. We left the hospital and went to the bus station, we didn’t have a car to go back home. Because it was midnight nothing was on the on the road. We were waiting for a car or bus then a car stopped. The people asked my father what happened to your son? My father told them, my son has a brain tumor and he is going to die in a few minutes. The people in the car asked “can we pray for your son?” My Dad said yes. Pray to your God to heal my son. All the people in the car were pastors. As they were praying for me they moved me to there church. As we were walking up to the church my father was holding me and he noticed that I was dead. I passed away but still the pastors didn not stop praying for me. One pastor said to my father if you submit your son’s life to GOD He will heal him. So my father said yes and they kept praying. Then a miracle happened I was brought back to life! Praise God hallelujah! When I rose up from the dead I was asking my father I want to eat I am so hungry. The pastor told my father a prophecy over me. That “your son’s name is going to be great to the nations. And those who bless your son will be blessed in many nations.”

When I was at school studying the 12th of January. One night me and my friends went to race our cars. One of my friends hit my car then I hit a laree. The top half of my car was destroyed. But nothing happen to me, but my friend who hit my car he died in seconds. Nothing happen to me. An Angel came and put my seat down right as I hit the laree. Because of that nothing happen to me. My mother told me to fast and pray and ask forgiveness.

I fasted for 42 days no eating only drinking water. There I asked God to forgive my sins for 10 days I asked God to forgive. Then the remaining days I ask God tell me what is your plan in my life and tell me what is your purpose in my life. Then I heard God speak to me…I heard HIS VOICE in my life …God was saying that I will make your name as great nations and to who you’re going to bless they will bless others. You’re going to help the poor peoples and nations. Then GOD told me, “but you need to leave your family. Do not seek any help from them you need to seek Me only.” Then I ask God what I will do now. He told me “go for theology studies.”

As God said I obeyed His words then I went to the bible college. When I went to the bible college I don’t have money to pay my fee. I ask God, you called me I came hear what I will do? They are asking for my tuition fee. The next day someone paid my full fee of one year! I didn’t have money to buy soap to take bath, I prayed God open the way for me through someone else who blessed me with supplies. In college peoples are mocking me. Then I prayed to God, why peoples are mocking me? Next day those who mock me they started giving me respect. They changed overnight.

My 1st year finished every one going there home. I was asking what is your plan in my life God? He told me go to Gujarat. Then I ask God if I go there who will take care of me? I don’t have any friends there I don’t know the languages what I will do? Then God told me “don’t worry about anything, go I will help you.” As God said I obeyed. I told my mentor that I am going to Gujarat for ministry. Then he prayed for me and he give me 2,000 rupee. I book my ticket, than I went. On the way, I am going on train in the morning I was reading bible. One person ask me your Christian? I told him yes I am Christian. He started asking questions. But I didn’t understand what he was asking because I don’t know how to speaking Hindi. Then he got angry, he through my bible and my phone out the window. He told me that if really Jesus is there ask Jesus to bring those things back.

I was asking God in my heart, you told me to go and I obeyed your words, look what is happening now. I don’t know what to do. After Gujarat I was asking God what will I do, where will I go? God told me go to Orissa. I obeyed God’s word and went to Orissa. When I was sharing the Gospel to some people an RSS group told me “don’t share and don’t come around here! If you come, we will kill you!” I obeyed God’s word again and I went to share the love of Jesus. They grabbed me and they took me to the center wall. They tied me on the wall, they started beating me and threw there sandals at me. They told me leave Jesus! say there is no Jesus! Whatever they said to me I did not obey. They tried to shoot me but there guns were not moving, they got stuck. After this they all became believers. God helped bring many people to Christ.

There has been lots of wonder. A life full of miracles. There is so much more to share.

Thank you all for reading this amazing story of Gods love and power. I hope this encourages you to walk boldly without fear, if He is with us who can be against us?
Feel free to email Sam for anything, he is an awesome brother in Christ. Please share this to anyone who you believe could use it. Love you guys

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