So What is the ‘Mobilizing’ Thing?

So What is the ‘Mobilizing’ Thing?

Mobilizing local churches is becoming the main focus of our Adventures Base in Guatemala. 

In 2015, we sent our first team of seven Guatemalans on a trip to Honduras. Preceding this trip was six months of teachings, trainings, and times of activation. Our participants grew spiritually in an unimaginable way. Their testimonies of our trainings spread to different parts of the country and our phone began to ring.

Pastors reached out to us and expressed their desire for their church to be mobilized and trained. Each pastor has received a prophetic word about going out to the nations, yet didn’t know how this would be possible. Therefore, beautiful partnerships have been formed  as we provide the vehicle to do so.

Our base is currently working with three different churches in three different cities (Chichicastenango, Panajachel, and Guatemala City). We host monthly conferences which are purposed to equip the participants to minister within their communities and prepare them for an international mission trip this Fall.  Our most important aspect of each conference is the activation time. It’s one thing to sit in a pew listening to a teaching on Evangelism. It’s another to be ushered out the door to put your faith into practice. Yet each month, our participants challenge their comfort zone and make room for growth.

In our most recent conferences, our group was activating a church to “Speak Life” into people and places in their community.  Two of our participants felt led to go to the local prison and began to preach.  While ministering to some of the prisoners, one gave his life to the Lord and two others reconciled their lives to Jesus!  

Stories like this happen on a monthly basis.  These testimonies are showing our participants that they CAN bring the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.  Their value and purpose is being revealed. Our hope is that participants will confidently live with missional mindsets and will teach others to do the same until the whole world hears the Good News of Jesus!

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