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His Word is ALIVE

His Word is ALIVE

 For each of us, I believe there is a sense of longing to understand we are deeply known, and to know that regardless of the day, season, or situation, the One who knows us best has and always will be there. 

Every Wednesday I have the privilege of spending time with a beautiful group of teenage girls from a children’s home called Village of Hope. Over the past several weeks the girls and I have been on a journey of discovering what it means to be known by the our Heavenly Father. This journey has looked like diving into Psalm 139. It is one of my favorite passages as it gives such rich context for the Lord’s deep knowledge of us. What has happened during this time is beautiful. 

The Lord is faithfully meeting each girl where she is, in a very personal and intimate way. He has shared with them where He was in some of their hardest and darkest moments. He has assured them that He was in every detail of their forming in the womb, and has written out all their days before they even happened. Each week I watch these girls come alive to the truth about their worth, value and significance. They have received a personal revelation that their Heavenly Father knows them each individually…

 in their past, present, and future… 

in their thoughts, questions, fears, and insecurities… 

in their healing, freedom, and victory…


 They are truly beginning to trust this truth! 

This past Wednesday we pressed into the last two verses of Psalm 139. The girls and I discussed what it means to actively live out verses 23 & 24, and to give the Lord permission to search our hearts, thoughts and ways so that our character ultimately reflects His image. At the end of our discussion the girls activated this scripture by finding a corner in the room and praying Psalm 139:24-25. They requested I play a spanish worship song entitled “Precious Jesus”. As the music played, I looked around the room and heard the sound of sniffles as tears were streaming. New songs were being sung to the Lord. Prayers were prayed from the purest place, and pencils steadily moved as the Lord spoke to hearts.

These girls are on a journey, one that they will never forget and forever treasure, all because

He knows their names.

by Kellie Surratt

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