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Recently, our base partnered with Go Ministries in Xenacoj, Guatemala. This organization serves the local widows by meeting physical and spiritual needs. When we received a call from German and were asked to provide stoves for an outreach, we didn’t hesitate to respond with, “Yes!”.  He is a local Guatemalan who helps with the function of Go Ministries. We know his heart. We know how passionate he is to serve the widows in his community. We saw great value in helping strengthen German’s relationship with these widows by providing stoves for them and their families.   

Stoves in particular are in great need. Most families cook on an open fire within their home. It’s effects are evident by the char scared walls. Because of the smoke, women often fight tears while cooking, they risk having their children fall into the fire, and everyone’s lungs become a victim to the smoke-filled atmosphere. Installing a simple stove dramatically increases the overall wellbeing of each recipient. 


After settling on a installation day, we got our stove steam in place (shout out to Servant Heart Ministries!) and set out for Xenacoj. We visited five homes. At each house visit, we loved on these families, spoke life over them and their homes, prayed for healing, and provided a new cooking method which brought smiles to everyone’s face!    

At one particular house, we learned the widow’s daughter-in-law was sick. We went to her and found her wrapped in a blanket, laying on a bed in a dark room. We turned on the light. We began to ask her about her physical condition. Sight in her eyes improved and she was able to see objects she couldn’t see prior to prayer. One question lead to another, and we invited her to trust Christ as Lord of her life. There was some hesitation and some resistance; however, we saw breakthrough when this spontaneous, “HALLELUJAH!” arose up and out of her! We joined in the praise, and echoed her words. 

Jesus is not finished with her yet; the good seed was planted, and He will see it to completion. We know that as she prepares a meal, our words and ta tangible token of His faithfulness will continue to minister to her.

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