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Mobilization for 2016

Mobilization for 2016

Our previous blog gave an overview of our mobilization program in 2015. Its a new year. 


Now what?


In preparation for 2016, our mobilization team realized that in order for this ministry to grow, we needed to raise up leaders from the group that went to Honduras. 

Just last week, we (Angela, Kelsey, and myself) left for Panajachel with the vision of raising leaders. We knew we first needed to place this vision before Pastor Pablo and Pastora Chicki and receive their blessings before moving forward.

As we met with Pablo and Chiki, we asked them what he would like to see with the participants of the mission trip.  Their answer was simple, “We would like to see them be leaders.”




They continued by giving names of participants they saw as capable of teaching, preaching, activating, and leading a team on the mission field.

The next morning, Our mobilization team held a meeting closing out 2015 and preparing for 2016 with our participants.  One of the questions we asked was, ”What would you like to see this year?”  Their answer was simple, “We would like bigger leadership goals.”


My jaw dropped. 


God had been preparing each of the participants for what our mobilization team was about to share with them! An invitation was given to the individuals suggests by the pastors to join us in mobilizing other Guatemalan churches. We are currently praying for them as they seek the Lord for a response to this invitation! 


As we step into 2016, our mobilization team is looking to send 3 teams.  The team from Panajachel will be going to Peru, and will help train a team from a nearby town, Chichicastenango, to go to Honduras.

We believe Guatemalans will be sending Guatemalans to the nations.  2016 will be the first-fruits of this vision.

Join us by praying for our mobilization program as Guatemalans step into their unique callings and respond to the Gospel!

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