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Guatemalans on the Move!

Guatemalans on the Move!

In November, some of our staff members, Gabe, Angela, and myself, Kelsey, took a group of Guatemalan missionaries on an international mission trip to Honduras. For many of them, this was their first time leaving their country, experiencing a new culture, and declaring Christ to those of a different nationality. 

With this in mind, this week definitely had the potential to present some real challenges. Not for this team. This team is a group of world-changers. They do not back down from challenges. They actually embrace them. 

We’ve been pouring into this group since May 2015. We saw each other on a monthly basis and met together for a full day of worship, teaching, and activation. We walked them through various teachings like “Commitment and saying Yes to the Lord”, “Our Identity in Christ and Him in Us”, “How to share your faith”, “How to Engage the Hurting” and more. 

A conference wasn’t complete until we sent them out, putting to action that day’s lesson. We know the importance of activating people into their Christian walk. 

By the time our departure date arrived, our group was more than prepared. Even though some things were new, they had a foundation built. They pressed into the newness which resulted not only in personal growth but fruit as well.

Our week in Honduras was nothing short of supernatural. We saw physical healings from swelling disappearing to shortened legs growing. We saw dozens and dozens of people pray to receive Christ. We saw His love conquer darkness in tortured souls. We saw our team step up and proclaim the Gospel in a selfless way. 

Following are testimonies from our team’s week in Honduras…

“One of the things I really enjoyed during this trip was when God told me that He has always been speaking to my heart.  He showed me that in every instance He was with me, and that He has always responded to my prayers. What stood out the most on this trip was not only was God speaking into my life, but that He was speaking into the lives of everyone in the group.  He was using us to share the love of God with everyone.  He brought us at the precise time to Honduras when this place was going through a time of suffering and sadness. God brought us in this time and we gave encouragement.”  

 – Pablo

“I want to thank God for the experience that God gave me,  for the training and motivation from the missionaries Gabriel, Kelsey, and Angela, for being able to serve God here in Honduras. It is something that God has used to unify us more to make the name of God more famous and to be able to do missions work wherever God asks us to go.”    

 – Chicki

What impacted me on this trip was the people, the multitudes of people, that accepted, not us, but the Lord, Jesus in their hearts. God used us to touch so many people.  I never imaged that God would use me speak through me to other people. And I know many souls are waiting, and I know there are many nations waiting for me to conquer.”     

– Dalia

“As a group, we were guided by the Holy Spirit.  There was a man sitting and we decided to go share with him the word of God.  He thought we were gang members because, the day before, he was threatened to be murdered.  His son is in a gang and they wanted to murder him too, probably the next day or the following day. We told him, ‘No, we are not gang members!’. We began to share the Gospel with this man, and He accepted Jesus in his Heart.  We know now that if He died, this man is in the Glory of God.”     

– Ricardo

“Coming to Honduras has opened my eyes to what is happening in the world and that I need to go to the nations to share the love of God. I wanted to share that you (Adventures Guatemala) are sowing into fertile ground.  God is going to bless you immensely.”      

 – Raquel

“The way that God has changed and transformed me was through praise, worship, and hearing His voice. When I hear Him clearly say that I am His valiant warrior and servant, I am filled with courage and strength.  This has transformed my heart. I saw other people here transformed through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I know, after this, my life has been changed for the good, to go and do more than I’ve ever done, and change more lives, especially my own.  I thank the Lord for His love and faithfulness with us.”      

– Dennys


Our week in Honduras was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life! This year we look forward to continuing our monthly conferences with this group. They will help us train and mobilize other Guatemalan churches this year. This time their comfort zones will be stretched even more as we finish the year with a trip to Peru! God has great things for this group in 2016!

Stay tuned with more Mobilization updates!

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