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God has a redemptive plan for Eswatini

The HIV/AIDS pandemic ravaged Eswatini leaving it with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world at 27%. –leaving thousands of children without parents. The key to Eswatini’s future is its children —in the care for their physical well-being, the fulfillment of basic needs like food, clean water, and shelter, and in their education. We also believe that children are best situated in healthy loving families.

We see a generation of children raised up to take leadership of their country and go throughout the world to preach the Gospel, following Jesus with passion and character. We see communities with healthy families characterized by healthy relationships, leading towards an abundant and holistically healthy future for their nation.

We want to see children become well-adjusted adults living abundant lives through Christ and contributing in productive ways to their society through their church, work, family, and community. We address this vision through our neighborhood CarePoints where children have access to food, discipleship, clean water, education, and basic healthcare. We're working on bringing the family to the CarePoints as well with special family strengthening programs to help foster healthier families.

Within each community we serve, we want to see vital, healthy people and families that reach across generations to help people grow and thrive. Through efforts in leadership development and sustainable agriculture, we are also able to use micro-enterprise to build people up in their current lives, as well as come alongside them, as they learn and grow for the future.


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Go and Serve on Missions

Eswatini is a nation of contrasts. Hope and desperation. Undeniable light and unspeakable pain. Beauty and darkness. The Swazi people are welcoming, happy, and proud of their culture. Unfortunately, there are also many who suffer.

By going to Eswatini, you can help provide encouragement and fun to a community. As you learn about the culture and meet the people you'll hear about the many ways Adventures in Missions Eswatini is working alongside Swazi's to bring healing, redemption, and light.

  • Share the Love of God and the Gospel of Jesus. You will see firsthand in the smiling faces and warm embraces.
  • Home visits are crucial to building relationships for love, encouragement, and prayer.
  • Special projects like home repairs, medical outreach, sports outreach, or hospital visitation touch the poorest of the poor.

Depending on the type of trip, purpose, and length of stay this could be a typical daily schedule:

Day 1 Depart home.
Day 2 Arrive, overnight in Johannesburg. Adventures staff will greet you at the airport and take you to comfortable and safe lodging.
Day 3 Make the beautiful 5 ½ hour drive to Eswatini. Culture Orientation in the afternoon, dinner, settle into lodging.
Day 4 Attend church - take part in the service and go on Sunday afternoon home visits. Return to lodging for evening group time and organizing for week of ministry.
Day 5 - 8 Morning prayer time together as a group, minister at care points in the AM, and home visits/construction projects/special outreaches in the PM.
Day 9 Shop, safari, or more ministry.
Day 10 Drive back to Johannesburg for flight home.

Opportunities To Go:

Vision Trips For those interested in exploring Adventures' ministry in Swazi.
Short-Term Trips For those interested in a 7-10 day trip with your group.
Church Partner Your church partnering alongside a Swazi church.
Internships For those interested in serving our staff for an 8-10 week internship.
Long-Term Staff For those interested in joining Adventures in Missions.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities or just want to learn more. Please contact:
Scott Borg |

Mission Trip Reviews

"Swazi breaks your heart in some ways, yet refreshes your spirit in a way that is indescribable. I am inspired, challenged, and refreshed each time I visit."

- Kati Bailey

"The people there will capture your heart and will become friends that you pray for, ask about, and love. It was not simply a chance to go on a missions trip, it was an opportunity to meet Jesus in the faces of little ones and to learn what having family in the body of Christ is truly about."

- Amanda Kloeppel

Church & Community - Partnerships

A powerful way to partner with what God is up to in Eswatini is through church partnerships.

This is when churches in the States partner with an existing CarePoint community. This partnership for prayer and finances also includes traveling once a year to visit, bringing a group from your church to build relationships with the community and children. These trips develop into rich relationship experiences. A typical length of commitment for our partnerships is 5 years or longer.

We’ve seen CarePoints developed and churches planted through these partnerships!

New Hope Church in Harrisburg, PA, and Pastor Bheki in Mbhutu, Eswatini, have been in partnership for some time. This has led to not only church growth, but also the planting of three church plants in the past few years. Additionally, the New Hope partnership has been involved in Carepoint sponsorship, developing prayer partners between churches, building projects, pastor training, and much more.

Church & Community - Partnerships

"Partnering with a church in Eswatini has had a big impact on New Hope Church. It has opened many eyes and has allowed us not only to help those in need but also to meet and build relationships with those we are assisting. Our partnership with a sister church in Eswatini has moved our church into global mission work in a dramatic and fruitful way!" - Greg Starr

"This whole experience so far has raised the awareness of our entire church to world issues with AIDS and hunger. It has become more personal, something they can really connect with. Now that we have partnered with the Nsoko church, we all look forward to establishing a long and deeper relationship with the people of Eswatini. I have personally been changed forever and am devoting the rest of my years to God's vision for Eswatini." - Ken Roosenberg


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