This month we have been working at Dunamis.

An incredible place in Ecuador with a program for girls who have been saved from sex trafficking and abuse.

Currently, we are building a wall, laying the foundation to protect the girls who come here.

This is a safe place for girls to come and seek safety, freedom, community, and to experience the love of the Father.

Everyday team Fiercely Loved takes a couple of buses, walks down the hill, and gets to work.

We’ve moved bricks, mixed concrete, pushed wheelbarrows up and down the mountain, shoveled rocks, dirt, you name it.

We’ve found weird bugs, huge worms, and belly laughed trying to pass bricks down our assembly line.

Our time at Dunamis has been hard, challenging, and has pushed into unity as a team and within our relationships with the Lord.

He continues to bring us joy, strength, and oxygen in our blood to continue working on the wall.

Below is a revelation the Lord spoke to me as we passed bricks down the assembly line and moved them into stacks.


shambly, broken bricks.

That’s what it feels like when the lies sneak into our hearts and minds.

You see, we’re building this foundation with the Lord. Placing each brick, smoothing the cement, and placing another one right next to it.

You go to pick up another brick and see a broken, crumbly brick falling apart in your stack.


That’s when you realize that there is a lie that has been hidden in your heart and mind for so long.

Maybe you didn’t realize it was there. It was so hidden, so deeply rooted/stacked that it was almost invisible.


There is it. It’s dry, crumbly, shambly, and falling apart in your stack. Just sitting there, hiding.

But then.

The Lord takes the shambly, broken brick in his hands and repairs every crumbly piece.

He takes the lies, insecurities, brokenness, and uproots the place it had in your heart. And places so gently, a new brick that isn’t broken, it’s made whole. It’s made in his image.


You see, these girls are more than worth it.

They see the love the Father has for them, and they want it.

Do they see the Father right away?


Maybe it takes some time for the girls to grasp even a glimpse of the Fathers love.


He continues to provide for them.

He keeps his promises to them.

He takes their shambly, broken, crumbly bricks and repairs them. And holds them close within his arms.

He’s doing the same for me with every brick I move.


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